Daniel Zugman

Daniel is an attorney based in Sao Paulo. His practice concentrates on direct taxes, including tax planning, corporate reorganizations, cross-border investments and tax litigation. He is used to assist foreign investors through the complex Brazilian tax environment, and also Brazilian companies and individuals who face tax challenges in the context of domestic and outbound investments. He holds a Master of Laws Degree from FGV Law School, based in Sao Paulo, and he is also a frequent lecturer on courses and events focused in taxation.

Writes about:

Brazilian domestic taxation; Brazilian international taxation; corporate income taxes; personal income tax; Brazilian transfer pricing issues; tax litigation; tax policy.

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+55 11 98211-9723

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  • In the last few years, the OECD have been leading the discussions as to set forth recommendable measures for curbing cases of base erosion and profit shifting ("BEPS"). In October 2015, the OECD published the final BEPS report, by means of which 15 actions were recommended - the Action Plan.
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