Andreas Adoe

Andreas Adoe is tax advisor based in Indonesia. He has specialized in international taxation, cross-border and domestic tax planning as well as tax law issues in both direct and indirect taxes with around 20 years of experience. He is a licensed tax consultant and tax attorney in Indonesia. He has experience as tax advisor for multinational companies, domestic companies and also has provided advice, based on tax research, on the legal issues for Indonesia’s Ministry of Finance. He regularly writes in national publication regarding Indonesia’s tax issues. He began his career at Indonesia’s Tax Authority, and later worked as tax consultant at KPMG, tax researcher at IBFD and he is also currently lecturer of tax study at the University of Indonesia as well as researcher at the University’s Tax Center. He is a graduate of the State College of Accountancy with diploma of taxation and accounting, he has a bachelor degree in accountancy from University of Indonesia and LLM degree of International Taxation from European Tax College, Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

Andreas Adoe

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International and domestic tax issues from Indonesian perspective.

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