• Not just a knowledge centre and powerful comparison engines.

    World.tax has a unique, global and specific audience, the World.tax Community!

    Visitors on World.tax are not at all random. The majority of them come from different search engines during their search for optimum, compliant and effective tax solutions.

    What is the World.tax Community?

    • Believers of free quality information;
    • People providing information for their jurisdiction;
    • Contributors of articles and other educational material;
    • Professionals looking to network;
    • A network of people trying to assist each other;
    • Regular users of our powerful comparison engines;
    • The subscribers to our newsletter;
    • People deriving utility from giving back.

    Why should you join the World.tax Community?

    • Giving has always been rewarding.
    • Invest in World.tax's further development.
    • Access knowledge and other professionals in your field.
    • Share, educate and promote yourself through articles posting.
    • Make yourself available to the people who are looking for you.
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