• Lithuania Double Tax Treaties

  • Country Status Latest Developments
    Armenia In-force
    Austria In-force
    Azerbaijan In-force
    Belarus In-force
    Belgium In-force
    Bulgaria In-force
    Canada In-force
    China In-force
    Croatia In-force
    Cyprus In-force Cyprus - Lithuania: tax treaty effective from 01.01.2015
    Czech Republic In-force
    Denmark In-force
    Estonia In-force
    FYROM In-force
    Finland In-force
    France In-force
    Georgia In-force
    Germany In-force
    Greece In-force
    Hungary In-force
    Iceland In-force
    India In-force
    Ireland In-force
    Israel In-force
    Italy In-force
    Kazakhstan In-force
    Kuwait Pending Lithuania - Kuwait: treaty signed on 18.04.2013
    Kyrgyzstan In-force
    Latvia In-force
    Luxembourg In-force
    Malta In-force
    Mexico In-force
    Moldova In-force
    Morocco Pending Lithuania - Morocco: treaty signed on 19.042013
    Netherlands In-force
    Norway In-force
    Poland In-force
    Portugal In-force
    Romania In-force
    Russia In-force
    Serbia In-force
    Singapore In-force
    Slovakia In-force
    Slovenia In-force
    South Korea In-force
    Spain In-force
    Sweden In-force
    Switzerland In-force
    Turkey In-force
    Turkmenistan In-force
    Ukraine In-force
    United Arab Emirates In-force
    United Kingdom In-force
    United States In-force
    Uzbekistan In-force

Compare Lithuania to other jurisdictions and see the difference in corporation tax rates, tax residency requirements, VAT rates, capital gain taxes, etc.

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