• Ireland Double Tax Treaties

  • Country Status Latest Developments
    Albania In-force
    Armenia In-force
    Australia In-force
    Austria In-force
    Bahrain In-force
    Belarus In-force
    Belgium In-force
    Bosnia and Herzegovina In-force
    Botswana In-force Ireland - Botswana: tax treaty effective from 01.01.2017
    Bulgaria In-force
    Canada In-force
    Chile In-force
    China In-force
    Croatia In-force
    Cyprus In-force
    Czech Republic In-force
    Denmark In-force
    Egypt Pending Ireland - Egypt: tax treaty signed on 06.11.2012
    Estonia In-force
    Ethiopia Pending Tax treaty signed on 03.11.2014
    FYROM In-force
    Finland In-force
    France In-force
    Georgia In-force
    Germany In-force
    Greece In-force
    Hong Kong In-force
    Hungary In-force
    Iceland In-force
    India In-force
    Israel In-force
    Italy In-force
    Japan In-force
    Kuwait In-force
    Latvia In-force
    Lithuania In-force
    Luxembourg In-force
    Malaysia In-force
    Malta In-force
    Mexico In-force
    Moldova In-force
    Montenegro In-force
    Morocco In-force
    Netherlands In-force
    New Zealand In-force
    Norway In-force
    Pakistan In-force Ireland - Pakistan: new treaty signed on 16.04.2015
    Panama In-force
    Poland In-force
    Portugal In-force
    Qatar In-force
    Romania In-force
    Russia In-force
    Saudi Arabia In-force
    Serbia In-force
    Singapore In-force
    Slovakia In-force
    Slovenia In-force
    South Africa In-force
    South Korea In-force
    Spain In-force
    Sweden In-force
    Switzerland In-force
    Thailand In-force Ireland - Thailand: tax treaty effective from 01.01.2016
    Turkey In-force
    Ukraine In-force Ireland - Ukraine: tax treaty effective from 01.01.2016
    United Arab Emirates In-force
    United Kingdom In-force
    United States In-force
    Uzbekistan In-force
    Vietnam In-force
    Zambia In-force Ireland - Zambia: new tax treaty signed on 31.03.2015

The Knowledge Box Economy - Michael Noonan, Finance Minister of Ireland Tax has never before been as high on the international agenda. The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project was designed to provide an internationally coordinated approach to protect tax bases and provide comprehensive international solutions to the problems of base erosion and profit shifting.

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