• Barbados IBC


    Legal Framework

    The Barbados IBC is governed by the Barbados Companies Act and the Barbados International Business Companies Act.

    Special Characteristics

    A Barbados IBC has the following special characteristics (prohibitions):

    • it is prohibited from trading in Barbados.
    • it is prohibited from owning real estate in Barbados.
    • local or Caricom shareholding in a Barbados IBC is restricted to 10% or less.
    • manufactured products must be exclusively for export outside Caricom Region.
    • any trade in selling of services, that originate in Barbados, must be for non-Caricom Residents.

    Liability of Shareholders

    The liability of the shareholders of a Barbados IBC is limited up to the unpaid amount of the shares they hold.

    Minimum Number of Shareholders

    The minimum number of shareholders of a Barbados IBC is 1 and the maximum is unlimited.

    Restriction on Nationality/Residency of Shareholders

    There is no restriction on the nationality or residency of the shareholders of a Barbados IBC, other than local or Caricom resident shareholders restricted to 10% or less.

    Corporate Shareholders

    The shareholders of a Barbados IBC can be individuals and/or legal persons.

    Nominee Shareholders

    The use of nominee shareholders is allowed.


    Minimum Number of Directors

    The minimum number of directors of a Barbados IBC is 1.

    Restriction on Nationality/Residency of Directors

    There is no restriction on the nationality or residency of the directors (individuals) of a Barbados IBC.

    Corporate Directors

    Corporate directors are allowed, though they need to be Registered Barbados Companies.


    Shareholder Meetings

    A Barbados IBC should hold annual general meetings.

    The first annual general meeting should be held no later than 18 months from the incorporation of the Barbados IBC. Thereafter, annual general meetings should be held in intervals not more than 15 months.

    Annual general meetings of a Barbados IBC can be held outside Barbados.


    Minimum Capital Requirement

    The minimum capital requirement for a Barbados IBC is US$1.

    Currency of Capital

    The share capital can be denominated in any currency, though usually this is done in US$.

    Non-par Value and Bearer Shares

    Shares are denominated in non-par value.

    Bearer shares are not allowed.

    Capital Duty

    There is no capital duty on the issuance of shares of a Barbados IBC.


    Registered Office

    A Barbados IBC is required to have a registered office which should be located in Barbados.

    Company Secretary / Registered Agent

    A Barbados IBC should have a company secretary. The company secretary needs to be licensed.


    Restrictions on Foreign Investors

    There are no restrictions on foreign investors investing in a Barbados IBC.


    Time Needed for Incorporation

    It usually takes between 5 - 10 days to register a Barbados IBC.

    Shelf companies are not available.


    Beneficial Owners

    The details of the beneficial owner are disclosed to the Authorities upon registration.

    Registered Shareholders

    The details of shareholders are not available on public record.


    The details of directors are available on public record.

    Financial Statements

    The accounts are not publicly accessible.


    Filing with the Registrar of Companies

    A Barbados IBC is required to file an annual return together with its financial statements by 31 January each year.

    Filing with the Tax Authorities

    A Barbados IBC needs to file a tax return depending on its financial year-end as follows:

    • On 15th March if the company's year-end is between 1st January and 30th September.
    • On 15th June if the company's year-end is between 1st October and 31st December.

    Accounting Records

    A Barbados IBC needs to maintain accounting records.

    Accounting records can be maintained outside Barbados and in any currency.

    Financial Statements

    A Barbados IBC should prepare annual financial statements under IFRS.

    In accordance with IFRS, holding companies are required to prepare consolidated audited financial statements on an annual basis. However, consolidation is not required if the company is an intermediary holding company and a holding company further up the structure prepares consolidated financial statements under approved accounting standards.


    Audit Requirement

    Annual financial statements of Barbados IBC should be audited only if its gross assets or revenue exceed US$500,000.

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