• How to Get Back On Your Feet Financially as a Recovering Addict
    Ways to Rebound From Economic Challenges

    By Recovery Pride


    Financial stability is more than just acquiring a hefty bank account but offers lessons that can bring about a better outlook, help you to make wise decisions and obtain more options in life. As a recovering addict, you will have the opportunity to start anew, finding productive ways in which to allocate your money.

    Addiction affects not only the victim but everyone around. Making wise economic decisions will not only improve your current financial status, but will also enhance your relationship with others. Here are some ways in which you can gain financial freedom as a recovering addict and break free from life’s economic challenges.

    Start Small

    It isn’t always so easy to achieve financial goals, coming straight out of rehab, but one of the many benefits of recovery addiction is that you get a second chance at life. The first goal would be to obtain and maintain a steady flow of income, which may prove difficult if you don’t have any viable skills. However, a GED will help you get your foot in the door of earning certificates, vocational and college degrees. Moreover, you may find it worthwhile become a treatment counselor, helping others suffering from dependency. Small steps are all it takes, and keeping your goals in mind will completely turn your life around if you stay focused.

    Additionally, reaching your goals takes time. Addiction takes a lot out of you, financially and emotionally, so go easy on yourself and know that you are gaining something worthwhile through all of your hard work. Most importantly, remember that where you are today won’t be the same place months or years from now.

    Secure Your Future

    Addicts aren’t the only ones who suffer from a financial struggle. However, because there is a higher dependency on outside contributors such as gambling, alcohol, and drugs, it’s more difficult for someone with this struggle to see the big picture. Such addictions have also been linked to chronic stress.

    According to USA Today, the average American’s annual income is $71,258, yet the average household in America is indebted nearly $60,000 with an average of $132,529 owed. Studies also show that being indebted for whatever reason, be it student loans, maxed out credit cards or simply not paying bills, can have a negative effect on your health, leading to diabetes and heart disease, according to Everydayhealth.com.

    Since all of these factors go hand in hand, the benefits of taking back your power over your finances are plenty. You will begin to take notice of just how important it is to provide for things that matter, such as your child’s college education or saving for retirement and overall enjoyment of life.

    Stay Positive

    Though our choices shape our future because we determine our actions, addiction shapes our brain and how it responds to certain chemicals. However it is important that when you are on your way to creating a better life for yourself that you learn the triggers that could possibly lead you back to addiction.

    While poor money management skills aren’t just limited to addicts, spending money on addictive activities can lead a dependent person into debt, which can lead to depression and back to relapsing.

    Avoid these triggers by managing your money. One can do so by opening up a checking and savings account, tracking spending and learning budgeting techniques. There are a variety of budgeting resources on the internet, via sites such as Nerdwallet and apps, such as Mint.com, which allows you to track and adjust your spending habits.

    Addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. If you are ready to get back on your feet financially, resources are available for planning a more sound future for you and your family. Keep these helpful tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to getting on track.

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