• Cyprus Self-managed Alternative Investment Funds With Limited Number of Persons (AIFLNP)
    Compliance Calendar - Updated

    By B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions


    Following the circular C281 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission on 25 September 2018, we have updated the Compliance Calendar of Cyprus Self-Managed AIFLNPs published in a previous article.

    AIFLNP Regulatory Obligations Calendar

    Frequency Item Reference Period Submission Deadline
    Monthly MLCO Monthly Prevention Statement Previous month 15th day of each month
    Quarterly/ Monthly
    (frequency of reporting decided by the CBC)
    Statistical reporting to Central Bank of Cyprus Previous quarter/month Within 15 working days from the end of each quarter/month
    Quarterly Quarterly Statistics to CySEC Previous quarter Within 15 days from the end of each quarter
    Month Item Reference Period Submission Deadline
    January 1. Sub-threshold AIFM reports (XML files) Previous year 31st of January
    February 1. Renewal of CySEC certificates held by the relevant personnel (i.e. portfolio manager, risk manager and compliance officer) N/A 28/29th of February
    2. MLCO Report to the Board Previous year 28/29th of February
    March 1. MLCO Report along with Board of Directors’ meeting minutes to CySEC Previous year 31st of March
    April 1. Internal Auditor's Report along with Board of Directors’ meeting minutes to CySEC Previous year 30th of April
    June 1. Audited Annual Report confirming compliance with AIFLNP conditions Previous year 30th of June
    2. FATCA reporting Previous year 30th of June
    July 1. CRS reporting Previous year 21st of July
    August 1. Audited Financial Statements to CBC Previous year 31st of August
    December 1. Payment of CySEC Annual Fees Previous year 31st of December

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