• 2017 process of obtaining Cyprus tax residency certificates

    By Citius Trust Limited


    In a previous article we have explicitly outlined the process of setting up in Cyprus, registering as a tax resident and obtaining a tax residency certificate. This article can be found here: “Become a Cyprus tax resident”.

    While the article is mostly valid for 2017, there are some very important changes this year that are worth paying attention to.

    • From 2017 onwards annual tax returns can only be submitted through TAXISnet. As such, the last point of the above article in section “Become a Cyprus tax resident” can not be completed until the system is enabled. Greek nationals that require a tax residency certificate to be utilised in Greece for shifting their tax residency to Cyprus need to overcome this issue.

      The Tax Office accepts temporary tax returns, completed using the 2016 form. You will need to take with you the original return and two copies. The original will be submitted and one of the copies will be used for the tax residency certificate application process. The second copy is for your own records.

      The Tax Office will give you the below letter confirming that while they have received your temporary tax return you are obliged to file this through TAXISnet within the normal deadlines.

    • From this year, there is a dedicated tax assessor for matters relating to tax residency. Apart from the listed elements in point three of the above article in the section “Obtain your Tax Residency Certificate”, you will need to provide electricity authority bills showing material consumption for at least 183 days in 2017. In the absence of this, the tax assessor would accept credit/debit card statements showing spending in Cyprus for at least 183 days.
    • Also from this year, you will be requested to submit your Greek tax assessment (εκκαθαριστικό) for the previous year.

    Upon a complete submission, the tax assessor will examine the application and if satisfied will issue the tax residency certificate. Currently, it takes about 2 weeks from the day of the complete submission to get the tax residency certificate.

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