• Digital Economy

    • Andreas Adoe
      Digital economy, a term which is commonly associated with e-commerce, creates sharing economy platform by providing income opportunities for providers of goods or services to meet the prospective consumers.
    • Ksenija Cipek
      The digital economy changes our interactions, shopping and business. Digital companies grow much faster than the economy in general, a trend that will continue. Digital technologies bring numerous benefits to society and, from the point of view of taxation, create opportunities for tax administrations and provide solutions for reducing administrative burdens, facilitating co-operation among tax authorities, as well as combating tax evasion.
    • Shaomei Chen
      In a decision issued on July 12, 2017 by the Paris Administrative Tribunal, the Court found that Google’s advertising-sales business carried on by Google Ireland, did not have a permanent establishment in France and ruled against the 1.11 billion Euro bill sought by the France’s tax authority for five years of back taxes. This decision, which was ruled based on Ireland-France Tax Treaty (1968) exactly reflects the flaws of the current used permanent establishment concept in OECD Model (2014) on tax on digital economy.
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