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    • Ksenija Cipek
      Tax reform in Croatia began in 2016 by amending 13 tax laws and 3 customs laws. The objectives of the reform were to strengthen the investment climate, to increase the disposable income of citizens and consequently to increase consumption through the increase of the non-taxable part of income, to reduce the tax burden on wages through new tax brackets and tax rates, through changes in the system of profit tax by introducing possibility of paying the lump sum tax and by applying the cash principle in calculating profit, and through changes in VAT system by increasing the threshold for entering in the VAT system and other changes.
    • Ksenija Cipek
      At the global level, there is not only no unified tax treatment of bitcoin or other crypto currency (which is not surprising since each country decides on its tax system depending on many factors), but there is also no single definition of what bitcoin actually is, or any other crypto currency.
    • Ksenija Cipek
      With the Act on Amendments to the Tax Administration Act , the Tax Administration of the Republic of Croatia obtained the legal framework for adopting the concept of horizontal monitoring, although the term itself was already applicable in the everyday work of the Tax Administration.
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