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  • Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D.

Relinquishing US Citizenship – Exception for A Dual National at Birth

For expatriation purposes there is a “dual national exception” contained in Internal Revenue...

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  • Dezan Shira & Associates

Indonesia: Tax Amnesty Proves Successful

The Indonesian government began implementing a tax amnesty program to increase revenue and...

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  • Robert Wood

Genius: Trump's $916 Million Tax Loss Lasts 20 Years, Yet IRS Audit Period Is Only 3

Brilliant or not, Donald Trump had big losses in 1995. And that means a big pot of losses than he...

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  • Gilmour Group CPAs

Canadian Tax FAQ - Registering for a GST Account

What is a Canadian federal goods and services tax (GST) account and do I need to register for one?

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  • E. Pete Lewis

E. Pete Lewis

E. Pete Lewis is an Adjunct Professor and Chairperson of Accounting and Finance for the DePaul University, School of New Learning, University of Phoen ...

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  • Robert Wood

Robert Wood

I’m a tax lawyer based in San Francisco (, but I handle tax matters everywhere. I enjoy untangling a tax mess from the past, disputi ...

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  • Daniel Zugman

Daniel Zugman

Daniel is an attorney based in Sao Paulo. His practice concentrates on direct taxes, including tax planning, corporate reorganizations, cross-border i ...

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  • Mark Keightley

Mark Keightley

Mark Keightley is an economist with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in Washington DC. His research areas include corp ...

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