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  • Ksenija Cipek

The Third Round Of Tax Reforms In The Republic Of Croatia: Review

Tax reform in Croatia began in 2016 by amending 13 tax laws and 3 customs laws. The objectives of...

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  • B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions

Cyprus Self-managed Alternative Investment Funds With Limited Number of Persons (AIFLNP) Compliance Calendar - Updated

Following the circular C264 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission on 20 April 2018, we...

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  • Hugo Reis Dias

Brazilian recent administrative jurisprudence: tax saving and business purpose

Subject to constant appreciation by Brazilian Administrative Courts, tax planning operations has gained bigger, and better defined, contours.

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  • Marina Andrade

Portuguese Golden Visa Program

Since January of the current year the Foreigner and Border Control Service (SEF) have established...

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  • Ivan Kanel

Ivan Kanel

Ivan Kanel, is based in Jakarta - Indonesia. Ivan is a member of Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers and IR Global since 2015. He has ...

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  • Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D.

Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D.

Virginia La Torre Jeker J.D., is based in Dubai. Virginia has been a member of the New York Bar since 1984 and is also admitted to practice before the ...

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  • Satwaki Chanda

Satwaki Chanda

Owner and publisher at Tax Notes, an educational site containing articles on UK taxation, with ...

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  • Robert Wood

Robert Wood

I’m a tax lawyer based in San Francisco (, but I handle tax matters everywhere. I enjoy untangling a tax mess from the past, disputi ...

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