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EUCED - European Network for Economic Cooperation and Development

EUCED - European Network for Economic Cooperation and Development, is a European Economic Interest...

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  • Hugo Reis Dias

Brazilian Tax Reform - Federal Pact and National Development

Tax Reform, like the Social Insurance Reform and the Labor Reform, is not, by any means, a new...

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  • B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions

CySEC Reporting Requirements - Confused?

Following the introduction of MiFID II and the repeal of certain Directives of CySEC, certain...

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  • Giannis Psarakis

The Concept of the (Neither) Permanent (nor an) Establishment and the (Destination Favourable) Attribution of Profits

The concept of the permanent establishment is fast approaching its hundredth year. When it was...

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Specialist Writers

Keep abreast with the fast changing tax world

  • Thomas Elser

Thomas Elser

Thomas Elser has over 20 years of experience in the field of tax structuring of transactions and investment schemes. He works as a tax partner at TAXG ...

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  • Marina Andrade

Marina Andrade

Marina Andrade is based in Portugal and has been a member of the Portuguese BAR Association since 2009. Marina Andrade has over 12 years of experience ...

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  • Kishenjeet Dhilon

Kishenjeet Dhilon

Kishenjeet is a tax advisor based in Malaysia who specializes in tax matters relating to transfer pricing and international taxes. Professionally, Kis ...

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  • Lorenzo Savastano

Lorenzo Savastano

Lorenzo Savastano is an Italian police officer belonging to Guardia di Finanza, a highly specialised military Corps committed in fighting economic and ...

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