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  • Ksenija Cipek

Legislation and Technology: The Paradigm is Changing

To the mutual linkage of legislation, as complete law in a particular country, and the development...

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  • B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions

MiFID II killed my business

We recently had a few meetings with clients who in short told us that their once legitimate, legal...

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  • Ksenija Cipek

Horizontal Monitoring and Voluntary Compliance: Croatian view

With the Act on Amendments to the Tax Administration Act , the Tax Administration of the Republic of...

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  • Shaomei Chen

Effect of the MAP tie-breaker rule in a dual residence triangular structure

The 2017 edition of the OECD Model Tax Convention has recently been released, and it has...

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  • Ivan Kanel

Ivan Kanel

Ivan Kanel, is based in Jakarta - Indonesia. Ivan is a member of Intercontinental Grouping of Accountants and Lawyers and IR Global since 2015. He has ...

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  • Mark Keightley

Mark Keightley

Mark Keightley is an economist with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in Washington DC. His research areas include corp ...

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  • Carlos Eduardo Navarro

Carlos Eduardo Navarro

Carlos Eduardo Navarro is based in São Paulo, Brazil. Navarro has specialized in advising Brazilian and foreign companies and ...

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  • Robert Wood

Robert Wood

I’m a tax lawyer based in San Francisco (, but I handle tax matters everywhere. I enjoy untangling a tax mess from the past, disputi ...

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