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  • Marina Andrade

Portuguese Non-Habitual Tax Residents Regime

Portugal is part of the European Union, the Euro Zone and the Schengen area, having, nowadays, a...

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  • Hugo Reis Dias

Brazilian tax treatment of exports

Brazil is, since decades, holder of notorious potential for commodities exports, in special in the farming sector.

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  • Enza Sonetti

Are tax avoidance strategies reducing tax certainty?

In a globalized world, the adoption of proper tax avoidance prevention policies becomes every day...

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  • Ksenija Cipek

Rewarding Taxpayers: Practices of Increasing Tax Compliance

Greater understanding of the behavioral motive triggered by taxpayers in fulfilling or failing to...

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Specialist Writers

Keep abreast with the fast changing tax world

  • Satwaki Chanda

Satwaki Chanda

Owner and publisher at Tax Notes, an educational site containing articles on UK taxation, with ...

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  • Erwin Blanco

Erwin Blanco

Erwin Blanco Nagle is a Colombian attorney an indirect tax, customs and foreign exchange law and litigation specialist with mo ...

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  • Ksenija Cipek

Ksenija Cipek

Ksenija Cipek is based in Zagreb, Croatia and she is a lecturer at the local University of Law and a Member of European Law Institute. Ksenija has ove ...

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  • Rui Miguel Pereira Sampaio

Rui Miguel Pereira Sampaio

Rui Sampaio, is based in Porto, Portugal. He is a member of the Portuguese Bar Association and a Specialist Lawyer in Tax, title awarded by the Portug ...

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