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  • Citius Trust Limited

EU Citizen Setting Up in Cyprus: The Checklist

We get a lot of queries from our EU clients and associates on how EU citizens can become Cyprus tax...

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  • Thomas Elser

German real estate investments - Upcoming tax law changes for foreign investors

Two important German tax law changes have been proposed by the German legislator that will have...

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  • Ksenija Cipek

Reducing The Administrative Burden and Increasing Tax Compliance

A number of tax administrations have long ago established systems or processes aimed at reducing...

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  • B2B Lateral Thinking Solutions

Cyprus: No Bank Accounts for Shell and Letter Box Companies

The Central Bank of Cyprus has communicated its intention to incorporate the definition of...

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Specialist Writers

Keep abreast with the fast changing tax world

  • Satwaki Chanda

Satwaki Chanda

Owner and publisher at Tax Notes, an educational site containing articles on UK taxation, with ...

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  • Daniel Zugman

Daniel Zugman

Daniel is an attorney based in Sao Paulo. His practice concentrates on direct taxes, including tax planning, corporate reorganizations, cross-border i ...

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  • Mark Keightley

Mark Keightley

Mark Keightley is an economist with the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in Washington DC. His research areas include corp ...

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  • Dr. Mihaela Göndör

Dr. Mihaela Göndör

Dr. Mihaela Göndör is an Associate Professor PhD at “Petru Maior” University of Tîrgu Mures, Romania. Her educational ...

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